People Clinic

What is a People Clinic?

It's a clinic where focus is on you, helping you to develop yourself as the main tool when attempting to understand horse behavior and develop a silent communication system between you and your equine friend. As mentioned in About Us music is a part of this program.

  • At some time you may have had some issues with your horse in one way or another.
  • You want to ride but have fear due to past bad experiences with horses.
  • You wish you had a relationship with your horse based on trust.
  • To obtain obedience without your horse losing its dignity.
  • You wish you had a subtle willingly guided horse.
  • You are a novice horse owner and need to know which way to go.
  • Doing groundwork and don't understand why your horse don't respond as you wish and much more.
  • Trailer loading etc.

People ClinicWhy join the people clinic?

  • Horses  are among the most perceptive of animals
  • Study the sensory perception of horses and you will gain insights into their behavior
  • Both horses and humans have the following senses
  • Eye Sight ( visual sense)
  • Sense of hearing  (auditive)
  • Touch (tactile)
  • Smell
  • Taste

Horses communicate through their senses and body language. There is a difference in human and equine sensory structures. In order to appreciate and understand the horse's well developed sensory system, it is beneficial for you to develop an awareness of your own senses and body language, since we mostly communicate through words. There's more to horsemanship than techniques. Joining the people clinic will help you develop the FEEL which is physical,mental and emotional. Get a positive attitude about yourself and you will get a positive attitude from your horse.

What do you do on the people clinic?

  Part I

  • You will work with a group of people developing
  • Communication timing and focus
  • Understanding pressure and release methods
  • How to stay calm and relaxed using body language which helps slow down your horse
  • How to energize yourself creating energy and movement in your horse
  • Body position when longing and in the saddle

  Part II

  • You will work with your horse based on the experience from the 1st part of the people clinic

People Clinic

Why music?

  • Music can make an impact on people and we use music on the people clinic to strengthen your auditive sense
  • Through music you can approach your horse in a different and more imaginative way
  • Music will better your horsemanship skills developing the feel which is very important when being around horses

We use Cds Hand drums and lead ropes.

Horses use all of their senses it’s their survival. There is much more to horsemanship than techniques. You need to develop a feel and an awareness. In our modern world, we live fast. Our senses get blurred.

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