2010 Horsemanship Clinics

Eagle Tree Horsemanship has retrained horses with various issues without the use of draw reins, running reins, running martingales, or other gadgets. We want the horse to learn in a positive way and to keep its spirit & dignity.

All clinics are mounted horsemanship clinics offering personalized training for ages 13 & Up.

Location: Red River Valley Equestrian Center, Crookston MN (zip)

Dates: Please Contact us for details on the horsemanship clinic dates.

Information & Signup: To register and for further information please click here and email us or call 701-730-0335

Please note

  • We do not use draw reins running reins or running martingales
  • We believe we can achieve positive results through good riding without the use of gadgets
  • We work with the horse
  • The exercises described in horsemanship level 1 2 and 3 are guidelines.
  • We always go by the feel, and may change some techniques or methods depending on the mental and physical state of the horse and the ability of the handler and rider of the horse.

Click the level of horsemanship you wish to learn more about below.

Horsemanship Level 1 Horsemanship Level 2 Horsemanship Level 3 & 4


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