About Us

We believe everybody has a dream of bonding with their horse. To build a true partnership, to gain respect and control in the ' horsy-way' without abuse. To ride with confidence, in balance on a loose rein whether it be on the trails or in the show ring, or at home. At some time you may have experienced frustration from a misunderstanding or disharmony between you and your horse. Come to a dead end in your horsemanship or want to go to a higher level. With the proper foundation training of your horse starting on the ground you can prove to your horse that you are a trustworthy leader, and then begin the long and winding road to a solid partnership. Knowing horse behavior and the body language of the horse is essential, but it is not enough. You also have to know and control your OWN body language and movements, and be consistent with your choice of movements and voice commands in order for the horse to UNDERSTAND what you want it to do.

About Us

I am Danish married to a  Lakota Native American living in the great state of Minnesota. I am a horse trainer, have trained and showed in Denmark. I have a Danish Judging card equivalent to the AQHA card. I have competed in AQHA and All Breed shows in Denmark. I have worked with show riders, novice riders, and their horses. I have worked with horses with people problems, and people with horse problems.

I have always had an interest in horse behavior and have been fortunate enough to work with many different horses always learning from each one of them I have started many colts of various breeds always looking for a better way to communicate with the horse Always wanting the horse to keep its spirit and dignity.

I have a musical education, working with music, body language and movements which I have applied to horse & rider. It enables you to obtain more control of yourself and your horse. It gives you and your horse confidence.

I have done trail riding in The Gila Wilderness and The Aldo Leopold Wilderness in New Mexico. Riding in such rugged terrain had a great impact on me and made me realize how important it is to be able to communicate with horses and knowing your own abilities and limitations.

We can help you choosing the right path for you and your horse. We believe that the road to knowledge is to be willing to change, to humble yourself. Then in good time, all good things will come to you.